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The village of Kingskerswell is situated part way between Torquay and Newton Abbot; the village straddles the main A380 road linking the two towns. There are two very different sections of the village, the old and the new with a railway line separating them.

Due to a recent incident at the playing field works will be carried out on the first oak tree. A report {pending} on the other two oak trees.


Any wood from the tree will be considered for local projects i.e seat/planters.


PLANNING REF: 18/01140
Kingskerswell Planning Committee concerns

Teignbridge are looking at allowing a very large industrial estate to be built on the site where Galliford Try had the temporary buildings when the bypass was being built. You will recall that before the temp buildings were there these were green fields. The proposed development is for 39 industrial units and a two storey office block. The entirety of that area of green will be obliterated.

There are two schools of thought:

  1. Teignbridge wants to add commercial properties as per the local plan.
    The new road network provides easy access to that site.
    It would add local employment opportunities and attract businesses to the area.

  2. This land would seem to be the first of many areas around the new road that will succumb to development. Further eroding the village.
    The area in question is effectively the gateway to the village, and should be kept green.
    They should have reinstated the fields properly upon completion of the bypass.
    The scope of the development is huge, A site of half the size would be adequate.
    More business in the area will be used as an excuse for more housing development on local green field sites.
Please click on this link to go to the Teignbridge planning site:
or note the planning application number is 18/01140 if searching the planning site.

If people comment on site they will have to take into account the local feeling. As of today there are NO COMMENTS AT ALL on this planning application from local residents. We encourage comments for and against, this is your village and how do you want it to look in the future. Please take some action.

Planning Map 1 Planning Map 2 
18/00168/ENF There is currently an enforcement complaint been raised at Teignbridge Planning regarding a barn which has been put up in a field off Moles Lane.

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