Urgent works required to oak trees in Kingskerswell Playing Field

Following a recent incident during strong winds when a large branch fell from one of the oak trees, hitting a member of the public, Kingskerswell Parish Council engaged a specialist company (Ground Control) to carry out a survey of the 3 large oak trees in the field using tomography (internal cross sections using ultra sound). The most recent visual inspection of the trees in June had not revealed any particular concerns, but the fallen branch had revealed significant internal decay.

The surveys have shown large areas of decay in the lower trunk of the 3 trees, although ironically the one which lost a branch is in the best state of the 3. Following the branch fall that tree was significantly crown reduced to restore its balance and to remove the risk from long branches falling. The recommendations on the other 2 trees are either to carry out similar crown reductions or to fell them.

Following receipt of the report from Ground Control, Parish Council Chairman Andrew Hartley and Teignbridge Councillor Mike Haines met with Teignbridge arboriculturalist and discussed the report and recommendations. The trees are not covered by a TPO, and even if they were the report indicates that works would be required.

At the Parish Council meeting on 26th November, councillors unanimously agreed to proceed with the recommended works, therefore both trees will be dramatically reduced in height and width as per the report suggested. Councillors recognised the important amenity benefit of the trees, but their location with high levels of public movement means that safety is the top priority.
Mike Haines
For further information contact Chairman, Andrew Hartley {Mobile} 07966040893

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